Radial++ is a C++ library for the numerical solution of partial differential equations (no weak solutions) and the interpolation of scattered data by Radial Basis Functions (RBFs).

Radial++ works with generalized RBFs, like thin-plate splines, power splines, Gaussian, multiquadrics and inverse multiquadrics. This means that you can configurate the RBF to work with any degree of the associated polynomial to the RBF and also, you can choose the free exponent in the generalized RBF.

In particular, we can interpolate scattered data in any dimension (explicit surface), and also, the library provides several examples for numerical solution of partial differential equations by the unsymmetric collocation method.

Radial++ is part of the project Radial Basis Functions Methods for the Numerical Solution of Partial Differential Equations coordinated by professor Pedro Gonzalez-Casanova, see pderbf. This work was proposed by Gonzalez-Casanova, and he provides the theoretical background. This work is partially based on the ideas and previous works called RBF++ and TUNA:RBF developed by Daniel Cervantes and Luis M. de la Cruz respectively.

We started the new design to add new features, like more flexibily in the construction of the matrix derivatives, and much more.