Before download Radial++, please see the folder examples/interpolation, this carpet contain several examples for the interpolation of scattered data in several dimension by means of the generalized radial basis functions. We only interpolate explicit surface.

It is convenient to say that we use a direct solver to approximate the solution of the linear system of equations (Gramm-matrix). It is well known that the computational complexity is O(n^3), so, we have restrictions in the size: Radial++ can interpolate medium or moderate number of nodes. However, we have been tested with 5000 centers and interpolated 50,000 nodes in a moderate laptop and the total time spend a few minutes.

In particular, we provide the following folders with several examples:

The last folder , contains a program called interpolate.cpp, this is the major contribution of Radial++ to interpolate scattered data. Based on a friendly configuration file, we can interpolate scattered data in any dimension, choosing the kernel, shape parameter, exponent in the RBF and selecting freely the order of the polynomial associated to the RBF. Also, all the data inputs and outputs are provided in ASCII format and can be used to plot directly to GNUPlot or converting to a propietaty format.

Inside of each folder you only need to write in the shell: make help and follow given instructions. All the examples contain ASCII outputs with the expected running outputs.

Currently, we are working to provide html outputs for each example.