This library is an alpha version, thus is through testing and not every possible case has been covered yet. If you find a bug, we really appreciate to hear about it. jantoniomex at gmail dot com

Last release in the repository of Sourceforge: Radial++

Radial++ is provided under the GNU LGPL (Lesser General Public License).


Radial++ is supposed to be fully compliant with the C++ standard. So we hope to be portable to any operating system. Therefore, it can be compiled by GNU GCC (>=3.0; tested with version 3.4, 4.4). No tests were conducted with proprietary compilers under Unix, but the compliance with the C++ standard should ensure portability. Please tell me if you have any problem running the test problems.


The library called Radial++ is ready to run "out the box", it is not neccesary to have a previous library installed in your machine. All necessary files are contained in Radial++.

To compile the examples only modify the file:


in particular the "tag" which corresponds to the path where the library was unzipped. !!This is the only modification that you need to do to run all the examples. In addition, optionally, in the file examples/ you can modify the compiler selected (CXX==?) and the flags in the compilation (CXXFLAGS=?)


Radial++ uses the library called Seldon to perform matrix and vector operations, Seldon is included, so, you do not need to download Seldon. It is convenient to say that the best performance is obtained with the interface to BLAS and LAPACK, see Seldon. Radial++ can work without the interface to BLAS and LAPACK. In particular, all the provided examples run without any external pre-installed library.